8 Ridge Road,
Martinsville, Maine


Food, Plants, Gallery and Landscape Design in St. George, Maine


Who are we?

Anne Cox and Julie Wortman founded Hedgerow in 2003. Since that time Hedgerow has evolved into a destination on the St. George peninsula. While both are involved in all aspects of the business, Anne’s primary focus is the vegetable gardens and “making things.” She is the primary designer and supervisor for the landscape installations Hedgerow takes on each season. Julie works on designs with Anne, and masterminds the gallery and market. She is also the primary weed warrior at Hedgerow.


Anne Cox

Anne Cox has a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Michigan and has been designing, installing and maintaining gardens and landscapes in mid-coast Maine since 1997. She also makes the imaginative rustic furniture and award-winning hooked rugs featured in the Hedgerow gallery.


Julie Wortman

Co-owner Julie Wortman has advanced degrees in the history of art, particularly American architectural history. She has also been an historic preservation specialist. She brings this perspective to our design work. Currently she is also a partner in Dragon’s Breath Communications, LLC, publishing The Dragon, a by-weekly newspaper of business and recreation news for the St. George peninsula.