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Posted on by Anne Cox

artichoke seedlingsWay back in February, I started a slew of artichoke seedlings. The seeds are fairly large, and they germinate fast and well. Because artichokes are really biennials, which means the plants normally set fruit and flower the second year of their life, I had to trick the seedlings. So after I grew them up to about this size, on heat mats, and in as much sun as we had in late winter, I moved them to the lower cooler and darker shelves of the greenhouse for a month. This was to be “winter” for the plants. After a bit, I moved them back into the light and then once everything warmed up I planted ten plants outside. All with great hope for some fresh artichokes.

And yesterday, we harvested the first two!

artichokes and other veg. artichoke after eatingThey were yummy. Steamed with a clove of our freshly harvested garlic and a quarter of a lemon in the water. Then a sauce of mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar for dipping. I have counted nine more little buds already, and some of the smaller plants that haven’t budded up yet. August may be a lovely month of artichokes!

I have not yet gotten tired of the cycle: the miracle of stored energy in each little seed, tending the plant and watching it process sunlight and nutrients, grow and fruit, and then the good eating that comes from this. Not to mention how cool the plants all look growing in the garden. (Which is why I will probably let some artichokes flower as the flowers are spectacular giant thistles.)

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Dianne Oelberger says: July 30, 2014 at 7:54 am

I so enjoy reading your garden bits. To plant a seed, learn and observe, is one of life’s greatest leaps of optimistic inquiry. I’m grateful when you share these journeys. Thanks for being you :-)


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