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Yuletide show

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving were “Yuletide in St. George” days. They were also VERY rainy and windy days. Especially Friday. So not many people ventured out on Friday, but Saturday was lively with a steady stream of visitors to our gallery and the barn, which was set up as a garden shop. (I took these pictures on Sunday, which was brilliantly sunny, in contrast to the previous two days.)


Inside the barn was full of nifty things. I think.


Julie and I were able to find quite a selection of interesting pots and planters along with stone objects from Camp di Fiori,


I love these nifty beeswax pinecone candles.


We changed the gallery set-up from the summer, and added new work from Lucy Williams, Laurie Adams and Jody Johnstone.


We still showed a fair number of my hooked rugs. The little stove, by the way, kept things cozy and warm inside, a welcome respite from the cold rain.


I love this particular pot from Jody Johnstone. I like the rough grey section that is the result of the wood-fired kiln she uses. The pot looks like it is partly stone and partly clay.


Our friend Steve Barnes carved a panel for us with a line from the grace we often say before meals. While we’re still working on the best place to display it to best advantage, the sentiment is what we hope happens when people visit Hedgerow.


Our friend, Chris Statler, set up her wreaths in the Twiggery for the two days (Silly me, I didn’t get any photos, but they were lovely and she has a nice variety of very well made Christmas wreathes.)

I am thankful for all of our visitors this past weekend, and hope that they left with glad hearts.

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