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Working with an old quarry site

Posted on by Anne Cox

An interesting project came our way this Fall. New owners are renovating a house by the water and in the process, want to reconfigure the landscape around the house to create more usable outside space. The nifty thing about this site is that it was a small quarry site. So there are some wonderful moss-covered granite ledges and an amazing amount of cut granite pieces to use.

This is where we started.

Chip Christensen started using his excavator to extract some of the granite pieces and clear out the area.

Then we started constructing first a patio area snuggled into the ledge.

And a fire pit in the middle of the patio (first time I’ve done a “fire pit”).

After this we turned our attention to retaining the area above the patio to make a level lawn running into the upper ledges.

Before the snow and rain we got the big part of the wall and the steps in.

Onward to all of the finishing details and final grades. Hopefully we can get that done before the ground freezes up for the winter.

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