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Working until we can’t

Posted on by Anne Cox

patio rocks arrivingWe have a landscaping job in Tenants Harbor that has been a long time in the planning process. We were able to get started on some earthwork and some planting this Fall. And now, Jason Turnbull and friends, of Inca Stone Work, are pressing on with some of the rock work for the project. They will work around snow and rain and freezing temperatures as long as they can.

We have been receiving large flat natural granite  pieces from Rockport Granite. These slabs, from a quarry in Swanville most of them, will become the patio area. Jason has also been gathering granite for the walls from The Pasture Quarry in St. George.

steps in We also are using steps cut from the same granite as the patio stones. Rockport Granite delivered these, and Jason is working to have them all in place this year, before the ground freezes up. This set of steps will have walls on both sides, going up to a level grassed terrace.

All told, we have five sets of steps to fit in place. Two are in. Our hope is to get the patio and the steps set before winter sets in. Though the foundations for the walls are in place, and Jason has transported enough wall rock to begin working. So if we have a warmish open winter, I expect he’ll be at work. Otherwise he will finish as soon as he can in the spring.

coming togetherThe first of the patio slabs are coming together. We will be leaving generous spaces between the stones, and creating a number of planting pockets at intersections and close to the buildings. My hope is that when this is finished and planted it will look almost like natural ledge with plants growing in crevices. There will also be a shade structure on the patio, so Jason is working around spaces for eight posts (marked here by the little red flag). I am expecting to plant vines around some of the bases of these posts.

excavatorVisitors to the site after the large rocks arrived wondered how we would be moving them. The answer is with a good-sized excavator and straps.

By the way, this was a very cold day, and in the winter the sun disappears quickly from this east side of the house. These guys were troopers, fitting, cutting, chiseling stones.

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