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Woods work

Posted on by Julie Wortman

One challenge this spring has been to clean up many many years of dead and downed trees to make an accessible path through the woods, along fern and moss draped ledge, down to a marsh. It’s a magical area that has been practically impenetrable.

The way these cedars find purchase among the rocks is amazing. Feels ancient.

The first task has been to simply clean up the woods. Which has had its challenges, given much of what needed to be cut and chipped or carted away was down a very steep embankment. Enter Doug Gammon and associates, chainsaws, tractors, chippers, wood winches.

A bundle of trees and brush comes up the hill,

and heads for the chipper.

Now that most of the large clearing work is done, we are beginning to work on the paths. Adam built a set of steps to negotiate one of the steepest parts of the route. In the rain, he built them.

The next step is to limb up branches in the way of the path and drag downed branches up the slope for one final day of chipping and finishing up. The end result should be lovely, with a path that goes between two areas of ledge, crosses the upper edge of the marsh, and reaches from Glenmere Rd. to Horsepoint Rd.

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