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Wood for benches and tables

Posted on by Julie Wortman

I took at trip to White House Lumber in Waldoboro yesterday. Actually, my father was with me, so the two of us went to pick up some hemlock boards that I had ordered.

Zach White’s custom-cutting saw mill operation is on the Old Augusta Road off 220 in Waldoboro. I got some hemlock planks from him a number of years ago. As I have worked through that supply, I went to get more that I am planning to turn into benches and table tops this winter.

These are heavy boards that will take some wrestling to get into the barn where I will work on them in the next few months. But the hemlock is beautiful, full of knots and swirls and nice grain, and it stands up well outside.

Zach has started making his own benches and picnic tables for sale. These are heavy, stout pieces that are likely to last quite a while. I think they are out of pine.

It’s always a treat to see what the creative folks out there are up to.

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