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Winter woods walks

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Thus far this has been a fairly open winter, so walks through the woods are possible. Most winters lately, woods walks in the winter have been a snow shoe affair. So we’ve tried to take advantage of the weather, often with the dogs.

This past weekend I went on a Conservation Commission sponsored walk through the town forest. This is the one-tree footbridge that Duke Ellis (leading the hike) made.

One feature of this parcel of land is Jones Brook.

The path runs along the brook for a bit. Nice how the thin skin of ice defines the course of the brook.

And an exciting piece of news is that the Conservation commission is working to connect this trail to the Fort Point walk and possibly to another parcel of town-owned land, making a lovely walking circuit.

And of course we keep returning to Mosquito Head and rambling over the rocks and through the woods that are currently without a winter coating of ice. And loving the changing light on the water.

So we’ve started venturing into our wooded area beyond the nursery to see if we can’t get a short woodland walk. As this is often a wet area we are lucky to have several loads of wood chips from the CMP line clearing that has been going on down the peninsula for what seems like forever.

The beginning of the path is fairly obvious (and built up just off the lower raised beds), and we’ve cleared the beginnings of a route through these logged, wet and scruffy woods. But we’ve just come to a decision point, to figure out where to go next.

That’s Esme (Ella’s sister who’s visiting for the week) in the lead, followed by Ella and Maggie dancing around somewhere.

A nifty thing about getting into this part of the property is discovering things like this thick stand of bearberry.

By the end of the winter I hope to have a nice loop trail with possibly a spur that runs along the side of the marsh.

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