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Posted on by Anne Cox

porcupine in treeFirst we have a mysterious blob in the pleached apples. Turns out a young porcupine has decided the apples are tasty treats. Great. We have everything a little porcupine — which is quite cunning and cute up close — would want: old apples, lots of good bark, sheds to hide under, and who knows what else would make a good home. Then there are to dogs of course, who are going out on leashes until we are certain this waddly little fellow (or gal) has gone away. If it shows up again, I think we will be making sure it relocates to a galaxy far far away.

ella eating squirrel Then Ella found one of the cats’ freshly killed red squirrels. Good kitty. But really, did Ella have to eat the whole thing? And I do mean the whole thing. Usually the cats at least leave the tail, if not other eviscera. But not Ella. Makes one wonder if she doesn’t have some terrier blood in that supposedly blue-blooded poodle strain.

We have also had the marauding turkey flock of around two dozen around the house. Ella is also quite skilled, by the way, at flushing them up into trees. And this is to say nothing about the run of the mill deer grazing on late season apples, the end of the chard, and now the parsley has been mowed down. Someone even nibbled on my brussels sprouts, which is annoying since we are still harvesting these sweet morsels, and counting on them for a Thanksgiving feast.

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