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What we do in the rain

Posted on by Anne Cox

inga and girls A rainy, wet day is a good day for transplanting perennials. When the rain let up a bit, the girls (Ella and Maggie) joined us to supervise. And to be intrigued by Ingrid’s blond hair.

Note that the poodle-girls chose the highest point. Of course the rock is dry, but one thing I’ve noticed about Ella, in particular, is that she chooses a position of power if she possibly can.

carol at riedlAnd then yesterday we planted some shrubs in a granite heap. They are viburnum dentatum, and should be able to handle the dry and slightly shady condition that will come after our current monsoon season is over. Inga and Carol were good sports, barrowing loam up hill and over the ramps to fill the cavities the excavator dug out for the shrubs.

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