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Wet snow

Posted on by Anne Cox

coop with snowWhat a yucky snow/rain/sleet event we’ve had.

There are many downsides to this sort of weather event. One I have to deal with is that heavy wet snow will collect on the chicken wire roof (there to exclude marauding hawks) and start to weigh it down. A lot. Stretching the elasticity of both the wire and the wood holding it up. The door even starts to stick and not open. And the chickens think it is twilight outside.

snow on hatSo there is nothing to do but to get inside with the snow shovel and whack the roof, shaking the ice and snow down. I can evade much of the stuff raining down. And I do my best to, but inevitably, I get a dump on my head and shoulders. Which is why I wear a broad-brimmed hat when I take on the task. Still. Snow happens.

In time, though, daylight returns, the chicks venture out, and I dust off the snow.

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