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Water world

Posted on by Anne Cox

floodedThere is a reason I choose plants for this area that can stand periodic flooding. Generally we get this sort of high water in April. But with the January thaw and accompanying rains we have had recently, we get to enjoy a January flood. And the thing about the January flood (as opposed to the April event) is that it lasts as the ground is still rather solidly frozen underneath. The thaw is only a surface thaw, and even that surface has been getting a skim of ice in the mornings.

tidal pool under spruceA perk (as the ground does not percolate just now) is that the pool that forms in the ledge outcropping under the big spruce tree last more than a few hours. The tide is slowly going out here — notice the rim of spruce needles marking the original level of the pool; whereas in the spring the tide runs right out.

We seem to be in for a bit more of this warmish, drippy weather.

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