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Two new rugs

Posted on by Anne Cox

I am in the process of finishing, by which I mean whipping and essentially hemming the edges, a tedious but necessary task.

I started the first one by just messing around with the borders. Borders are getting more and more interesting to me. Usually I do the borders after I’ve done a central image, and they somehow refer to the image. Just for fun I hooked some random borders, thinking that I might just layer border upon border for the rug. But then the colors I was using put me in mind of the sunshine squash patch from the summer, and there it is: a squash rug. Around 2′ x 3′ I think (keep forgetting to measure it).

I don’t know where the magenta streaks came from, but I also used the same color for the outer border (a little difficult to see in the photo as I haven’t steamed it flat yet.

While I was working on this rug our friend Anne Klapfish brought us a little bowl that is made of glass polymer clay tubes cut and pieced together. Nifty texture. (I think Stonefish will be carrying these bowls, of different colors and sizes this summer.)

And the rug that resulted (about 3′ x 4′):

I startred with the large squares but got a bit bored, so I sent a ray of bubbles through it. The first background I used for the bubbles was gold, thinking it would contrast nicely, but it messed the whole thing up with too much color, so grey it is. Then on the other side of the bubbles I decided to halve the squares as if the bubbles had something to do with the transformation. The striped border is irregular. I had the Ghee’s Bend quilts in the back of my mind here.

And there are the rugs thus far this season. More to come.

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