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The rowing machine

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Every April, when outside work begins in earnest, my body hurts, after a winter of general sloth. And each year, the April ache seems to last longer and longer, seeping into May and beyond. I’ve been lucky in having a body that has basically worked, never been tall and willowy as culture would have me pine for, but has worked as I’ve needed with few problems. But this is the year I’ve tipped over (could it be age?) to needing to tend to the body lest I not be able to keep up with the physical activity I’ve enjoyed so much each spring through autumn here in Maine.

This year a chance conversation on New Year’s Day steered me in the direction of a way to maintain physical activity through the winter. Two friends both row regularly on Concept 2 rowing machines, and Carolyn talked about her resolution to keep a better calendar recording her workouts, while Brian went on to talk about the online logbook for this particular machine. Hmm, I thought, listening silently. I liked that they touted the low-impact, full-body workout of this machine (as my hips are becoming irritatingly present joints).

Could I do this? Could I get over my prejudice against doing exercise for exercise sake rather than moving in order to be productive. Hmm. I knew there was no way I’d drive up the peninsula using gas every day to find a gym to work out in. But maybe if there was one in the house…..

By January 5 the new Concept 2 Erg Rowing Machine dominated a corner of the living room. We just swing it out a bit to use it.

Close to eight weeks into using this, and I’m hooked. Julie and I both row 5 -6 times a week. At our different rates. I’ll go anywhere from 5000 to 10,000 meters a session and my pace is improving. I’ve made it into the 70th percentile categories for some of the distance trials I’ve recorded in my on-line logbook

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