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The end of the curling season

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Our curling season at the Belfast Curling Club started in early November and finished this week. This year Julie and I played only one day a week and had fun with great team mates. We even won a few games, and had some close ones. (We also lost several rather ignobly.) But it is good fun for the winter.

Here we are with Sharon and Bob, who played with us the second half of the season.


Julie skipped for us. That means she called the game, controlled the strategy and made the last shots of each end (inning). I threw the third stones and was the sweeping force for the team (everyone swept). Sharon is a fairly new curler, and she threw the lead stones of each end. Bob has the most curling experience of any of us. He threw second and then was in the house (the rings) for Julie’s shots. We were serious. We also giggled some.

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