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Stuart’s adventure

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Our cat Stuart spent part of yesterday in a lobster trap.

He was chasing a bird (at least this is how we reconstruct the scene); the bird flew into a stack of our neighbor’s traps; Stuart hurled after him, and before he knew it he had followed the path of a lobster and could not get out the same way he’d gotten in. The bird was similarly caught in the trap stacked above him. It’s not hard to see how the bird zipped into the trap, but Stuart is a strapping 13-plus pound beautiful belly-boy of a cat. I would have liked to have seen how he managed to wiggle through the gaps in the stacks of traps, and then through the vents.

Fortunately Stuey has a very loud meow. I heard him from inside our barn, looked for him, followed his cry across the street and then laughed for a good long time. Too bad I didn’t have the camera with me, or even think about anything other than rescuing Stuey. Out of their traps now, both cat and bird are doing fine.

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