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Spring work

Posted on by Anne Cox

adam's back Good news this spring is that Adam Fearing has returned from California to work with us for three months. His first project has been at Hedgerow, constructing the patio between the new greenhouse and the upper hoop house. In three days he had it together, using rocks we had on hand. This is a nice connector to an area that was rough and irritating all winter (though when it was under snow we forgot how it looked underneath).

It’s great to have Adam back on board helping with our various landscaping jobs. He join in on the various projects we have lined up (though we are trying to get our place in shape while the weather is still marginal and the ground is still quite soggy in many places).

patio This is a wonderful place to be on a sunny afternoon: sheltered from the wind, getting the warm stone on the stones. We’ll plant the edges, get some pots of plants out here, a few chairs, and who will do any work? I expect that I’ll soon be planting the edges and settling the patio into the surrounding landscape, so that it will look like it’s always been there.

It is incredibly satisfying to create a new, more refined (though not overdone) space.  The whole area around the new greenhouse is starting to flow nicely.

raised bed expasnion While Adam worked on the patio, I started the long process of replacing the rotting frames of our raised beds. First the beds, by the house; next, the beds by the barn. Progress is slow, though I do hope the soil will keep melting as I did run into some chunks of frozen soil in the beds. The beds I am replacing are seven years old, and out of spruce. I expect that the rough cut dimensional hemlock will last longer. Still, untreated wood will rot and decay eventually.

fridge in process Meanwhile, Julie has been working setting up the barn shop. One of the things she has been doing is decoupaging the Arizona Green Tea refrigerator we have with old Fedco catalogs. Instead of a big green advertisement for a product we don’t carry, we’ll have a subtle set of images, for products we do carry: most of the seeds we use come from Fedco. We have received our first shipment of Italian food goods (fantastic pastas and other treats), so the shelves are filling up.

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