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Posted on by Julie Wortman

img_1823I’ve just returned from snowshoeing out onto our land beyond the nursery, bordering the marsh. This is a rather wet area that we rarely get into unless everything is frozen or snowcovered. So snowshoeing is about the only way I get into this piece of property. And even then, it’s a bit of a challenge getting around fallen trees and branches. And a workout to boot!

I made it to the far corner of the property. Nice to beat the bounds at least annually.


Not much in the way of animal life visible. I did see a set of squirrel tracks between trees and it was clear that I was eventually following a deer trail. A few birds here and there, but not much. The lichens on the trees were pretty interesting though.



Now that I’ve broken a trail it will be way easier to get out and look around the woods again.

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