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Slowly winter is letting go, but not without a fight

Posted on by Anne Cox

bruceBruce the cat has been keeping vigil this Spring. Now that it is getting warmer he is out much of the day, and to get out of the snow and wet as much as to survey the territory I think, he perches on the posts that are still waiting for the railings I intend to make someday. The snow is receding except for some stubborn piles and in all the shady spots. And the mud that follows the snow is indeed here.

Bruce is a fairly hefty cat but clearly light on his feet. I’m amazed at how he seems to levitate up to the post, and he sits on this 4″x4″ surface for hours. I think the tail helps with holding on and securing the perch. All of the cats have been going out lately, and I spy them around the property, sitting on rocks, in the few bare areas, listening, looking, pouncing. Consequently, variously rodent pieces are showing up here and there in the usual places. Life is returning to normal.

pruningI even was able to get out and start pruning the pleached apples. I’m late on this this year, but only recently has the snow receded from the lower branches. Additionally, the buds have just started swelling. The snow has gone away even more now, and I’ll shortly be getting out the ladder to address the tops of the apples. Then the next order of pruning will be all of the snow and ice damage on trees and shrubs. Major pruning tasks ahead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut wasn’t it disappointing on Thursday when we woke to see close to six inches of new snow. Just when things seemed to be going in the right direction. Of course, being a Spring snow, it was followed by a day of rain, and now we simply have more mud. Ah, spring.

The clivia in the house, though, are at peak bring bloom.

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