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She’s back, with a friend

Posted on by Anne Cox

turtle on loamMr. Cook looked into the back drive yesterday and saw the snapping turtle on top of the loam pile this year. He came and got me to look at her. Always amazing, this prehistoric creature that comes out of the marsh every year looking for the right place to lay her eggs. And since we have had stockpiles of material on the land, these have seemed like the right places. Up until now, we have been aware of her choosing the mulch pile and have tried to flag her deposits so we don’t disturb them. The loam will be another challenge. But while admiring her, and wondering if she was the same turtle as she seemed a bit smaller than I recalled, I looked toward the mulch pile. And there she was, the original snapping turtle, still insisting on mulch.
turtle on mulch
She is huge. Shortly after rooting around on the pile — who knows how long she’d been there and just where she has deposited her eggs — she crashed through the undergrowth, seemingly headed back toward the safety of the marsh. The loam-layer lingered much longer at her work.

The trick now will be to avoid disturbing the eggs. Actually I think I will have to move the loam area, but I hope I can scoop up a tractor-bucket of soil and set it aside. Maybe we’ll get more turtles. But then what will that be like, a flotilla arriving in mid-June, looking for just the right spot.

sungolds in greenhouseElsewhere in the work area, the first of the sungold tomatoes are ripening in the greenhouse. Tasty.

The rest of the tomatoes are in the upper hoop house, almost all trellised for the growing and fruiting season. My hope is that as the cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse exhaust themselves the plants in the hoop house will start producing.

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