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Settling a new house back in

Posted on by Anne Cox

Building a new home always, always entails disturbing the land. Even with this project here in St. George where very little of the site was disturbed during construction, there still was an apron around the house that needed to be softened. Probably this is one of my favorite sorts of projects: how to blend and naturalize with the existing site.bourne before 1bourne before 2bourne before 3
Harbor Builders did a great job preserving as much of the surrounding woods as possible, and a few large trees in particular. There were a few areas we wanted to screen, some softening of edges, often with hay-scented ferns, which in short order should fill in and become lush stands of ferns in the woods, and then a walkway and landings to put in.
bourne walkwaybourne landingbourne gastank screeningbourne well screening

Of course pine needles falling everywhere helps blend the new with the old so the whole project quickly looks as if it’s always been this way. Sort of. Give it a couple of years. In time the ferns will become visible, nursery-pruned spruce and firs will loose their tight symmetry, other plants will self-sow and start establishing themselves. In time people will wonder how this house was built in the woods.

Very carefully, is the answer.

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