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Screening a house

Posted on by Anne Cox

Last year we did the first phase of landscaping for clients who had finally finished significant renovations to their house. With his own flourishes, Jon Smith of Rockers implemented our design idea of returning the site to the granite ledge endemic to the area. And then we were able to plant both a small garden by the house and the screening along the driveway.

The garden is coming together beautifully.


The bearberry, blueberry and cranberry are starting to fill in along the steps leading from the house to a lovely mossy semi-wooded walk to the water.

With some additional construction on the other side of the house finished this year we turned our attention to screening the house from the road. Again, Jon Smith was an important part of the transformation, and he took the lead in adding rocks and berming up the whole area. So we went from this:

To this. We have a few more plantings to add along the road as well as some ferns to fill in.

Another view of the change. From this:

To this:

What generator?

And then along the driveway Jon and crew built a wall and we planted a spruce for screening. In time we’ll get some ferns going along the top of the wall. And maybe a bayberry or two.

This has been a wonderfully satisfying project. I look forward to seeing how everything matures.

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