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Rustic Furniture

Anne Cox about rustic wood work

The first rustic pieces I made were fences and outside benches. From there I started making trellises and arbors. And then I collected and dried wood for interior pieces.

I like the conversation I have between the twigs — what nature offers, and my intention for a piece — for instance, a chair. Rather than milling a piece of wood to make it useable for a purpose, I have to pay attention to the knots and twists in the wood as I find it. As a result, each piece is different, and, needless to say, organic.

I’ve been making tall chairs. This started as I wondered how tall I could get with a ladderback chair. These tall chairs are like the saplings I use, many of which are stretching tall in the woods, straining for sunlight.

Apple chairLadderback chairLadderback chairs

I’ve also been intrigued by making multi-legged tables, emulating tree trunks in a woods. I was curious, so tried my first table, which I found to be very difficult to level (four legs are difficult enough). Nonetheless, I like the look and the relationships between the legs and branches, so I keep returning to making tables with lots of legs.