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Posted on by Anne Cox

So I grew Duborskian rice this year, 92 plants to be precise. It’s an “upland” rice, so doesn’t need to be flooded, just kept moist. All the plants grew very well and the patch was fun to watch. I decided to cut the rice just before some heavy rains were predicted.

For such a small amount, the threshing was pretty simple: I just stripped the the heads off the stalks by hand and filled four seedling trays.

Very pretty.

I’ve been letting the rice dry for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I decided to tackle the de-husking process. Traditionally it is done with a huge wooden mortar and pestle sort of pounding and then winnowing process. I thought I could wrap the rice up in cloth and pound it with a rubber mallet — as I have a small amount to start with I want to loose as few grains as I can. It worked. Sort of. A bit.

But not the best. I know why machines have been invented to take care of the de-husking. And should I decide to grow rice again I will go looking for such a thing. I am looking forward to tasting this, but I want to get enough to have a full meal.

I will appreciate every grain.

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