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Prometheus moths

Posted on by Anne Cox

prometheus mothSeveral prometheus moths have shown up in one of the hoop houses. Very nifty. Okay, I didn’t know they were prometheus moths right away, but with a little bit of searching I found them. The brown ones are female, I learned, and the males of black (I haven’t seen any of the guys out there yet.) I’ve only found them in the upper hoop house, which makes me think that they came from the trees nearby.¬†According to what I read the caterpillars aren’t overly destructive (the way the tomato hornworms of the hummingbird moth are) and they feed on the leaves of trees in woodlands. I’ll be looking for some large green caterpillars though.

moth on floor What fascinating creatures they are with their camouflage coloring and deceptive eyes on the edges. I’m thinking there are some good patterns here for hooked rugs. And it might be fun to work in rich browns and creams. Just saying.

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