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Project nearing completion for the season

Posted on by Julie Wortman

As Jon Smith from Rockers has finished the stone work and earth work on this project we’ve followed with the plantings we can do to settle things in for the winter. (The builders are also scurrying to finish their work inside.)

This is a great piece of ledge we put in that will be surrounded with hayscented ferns.

The upper walkway connects two terrace areas and is lined with lavender to brush against as one walks by.

The entrance is the last thing to finish. Well, actually, the drive and area surrounding it. But that’s coming along. Sweet bridge piece there, which is how we dealt with the drainage issues and worked around the ledge that pops up close to the beginning of the walkway.

There’s a bit more to do in the Spring, but we’re almost buttoned up for the season. Which is good, given the sleet and snow we had yesterday.

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