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Preserving ginger

Posted on by Anne Cox

The ginger I’ve been coddling all season in the hoophouses is at peak harvest. Last week I pulled 12 pounds out of the ground, with much more to come.

Beautiful baby ginger. As it is baby ginger it won’t keep the way mature ginger roots do. So I’ve started preserving it. The candied ginger is exquisite. Exceedingly delicious. And I’ve made two types of ginger jam. One is more savory, with garlic and tomato; the other is just straight up ginger jam. I had the ginger jam on toast this morning — my first taste of the batch. OMG! Yum. As the ginger is baby and tender the taste is not overwhelming: just enough kick to be interesting. So the pantry shelves are filling up.

Those are jars of our cannelini beans behind the ginger jars and tomatoes to the left.

More ginger jams to come. And maybe an attempt at ginger beer. I might be at the end of tomato canning this year, but salsa verde with our tomatillos is on the agenda as are some pickled peppers (a peck?).

And then we’ve been eating ginger with most of the meals we’ve made: had hamburgers last night with onions, Jimmy Nardello peppers (a favorite) and ginger slices. Awesome.

Love the time of harvest!

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