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Post and beam greenhouse

Posted on by Anne Cox

gh outsideWe’ve been thinking about doing something about our greenhouse, which is a kit I put together along with help from our friend, Steve Barnes, five years ago now. It has become inadequate for the seed starting I am doing, not to mention, difficult to work in with the fig dominating the center of the structure. Two weeks ago we visited this greenhouse in Vassalboro. Rob Lemire built it for his wife, Roberta Bailey, to use. It is a gorgeous post and beam structure, sheathed in polycarbonate panels.

gh insideWhat a great space this is, and Roberta says she loves working in it during seed-starting season. Airy and open, quite snug (Our current structure has lots of drafts which makes it difficult to keep warm on cold early spring nights.), yet good ways to vent and get airflow when necessary. There is something to be said for feeding your soul with a pleasant space. It was kind of Roberta and Rob to take a break in their farming day and give us a tour of this structure, along with the farm and the other post and beam building Rob has constructed on their grounds.

gh detailLook at those great details: just working in here and seeing how it is constructed would be a joy. We’re hoping that this joy will be ours. We have applied for a building permit to remove the old greenhouse — carefully around the fig that has rooted in there — and put up a structure similar to this that Rob will construct. With any luck, and a bit of work, we’ll have something in place this fall before it gets too cold for the fig to be exposed to the elements.

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