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Post and Beam construction

Posted on by Anne Cox

rob arrivingYesterday started rainy and drippy, with a deluge of rain the middle of the morning. Nonetheless, Rob Lemire arrived with the rest of the timbers for the post and beam structure that will become our greenhouse. This is the much anticipated greenhouse. Before it could go up I had to take the old kit greenhouse down, get rid of it, and level out the site. That was last week’s work. This week is construction.

Leveling the plate on which the framing will sit took quite a bit of time. We’re letting the building float on the ground, adjusting to the freeze-thaw cycle as it will. Where there is not ledge showing through, the whole area already has around a foot of six inch tailings covered with probably about four or five inches of stone dust by now. Where the pad is I leveled the area with some crushed stone, topped with stone dust, and then dressed with peastone over filter fabric. The peastone will be the floor of the greenhouse.the plate

John McConnichie arrived to help, and the guys began putting the pieces together.

tighteningthe persuaderjohnny fitting piecesdrillingbanging in pegslast measure

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