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One week, three storms

Posted on by Anne Cox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAchicken coopshoophouse in snowI’ve done a lot of shoveling this week. In one week we have had three major snow storms. And wind, which means there has been drifting. I have to shovel a path out to the chicken coop and greenhouse each storm, and each trough (which become luge runs for the poodles) fills back in with each storm. Winter stoutness exercise.

The chicken coops are cleared. Of course the feed is in the truck, not in the feed shed, so that means walking it in along with the water. So far, so good with the chicks, but they are getting bored.

The hoop houses are still standing. Yay! But I have to say I’m not sure how much more pressure the pvc pipes holding up the plastic can take. We’ll have a chance to find out as more !!?! snow is forecast for this coming week, though perhaps not a foot or more at one time.

buoys in snowThere are scenes of incredible beauty everywhere, from tiny snow covered details to large sweeping vistas. And shoveling I heard birds singing and the wind rustling. I found fox footprints on the top of the snow, and vole tunnels that my shovel broke into. This morning was a good one. But there is a lot of snow out there.

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