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More snow

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Yesterday we had another winter storm, this one dumping somewhere around 18 inches of snow on us. Along with wind. So no one in our household went anywhere. The chickens were even on their own (water and feed had been topped up the day before).

This morning as the sun rose the storm left.


And the process of digging out began.


Pretty amazing what blowing snow does as it sweeps off buildings and trees and piles up.


That’s the stone table between the Twiggery and the Barn.

And that’s some icicle off the northwest corner of the house.


We have one long luge run from the house to the chicken coop that the dogs (and cats when they dare to go out) run down. Easy to keep track of where they are. Though Ella, the mini-poodle does disappear from sight when she goes around a bend.


And guess what! More snow forecast for tomorrow and then three days after that.

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