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Meanwhile, in the greenhouse

Posted on by Anne Cox

greenhouse thermometerHow about that temperature! Granted, it is in the sun just now, but that greenhouse was nice and toasty, heated just by the sun. The blue pointer shows the coldest it’s been, and the green, the warmest. And this was on a cold day when he outside temperature was below 20°. Not bad indeed. I’ve been impressed with how the greenhouse can hold the heat, as well as how fierce our little gas heater is. The old greenhouse was a leaky sieve; this one is nice and tight.

micros grwoing Consequently, I decided to start experimenting with micro greens. True, I do have them growing on big heat mats set at 70° and I do put the plastic domes on at night. But everything germinated wonderfully well and is thriving. I expect the first harvest for a salad early next week. With this success I’ll start more, though the heat mats will shortly become prime real estate as I start seeds for vegetable and flower seedlings. So production may be a bit slower than this first test since temperatures will be a bit cooler. But still: fresh greens!

dance of the peas In addition to the same sorts of micro green mixes we had last year, I am planning to grow pea shoots. They are germinating and coming along just fine, and I love the little dance the baby shoots seem to be doing. These should be delicate pea-tasting tendrils soon. Yum. I am using Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas for this, which according to the literature are best for sprouts and maybe not so good as peas themselves. We’ll see. I might have gone overboard with peas this year as I think I have five different varieties to try.

2014 farm in a boxThe annual farm-in-a-box sits on the porch, ready to be organized for the great seed-starting extravaganza. The first starts are scheduled for next week: artichokes and alliums.

2 Responses to Meanwhile, in the greenhouse

Jimmy & Fred says: March 16, 2014 at 7:55 pm

Anne! We’re here beside the fire during another of our interminable sleet/ice storms talking about our greenhouse. So I came back to see how yours looks on the inside, for inspiration. So nice. I want ours to be done tomorrow. But Fred the architect has to do a lot more work to make sure it’s functional/affordable. He’s incorporating a place to sit and enjoy it – which is always something he’s good about remembering. He wants it to feel good inside. We’re starting with 30 feet of glass and cypress? mahogany? panels from a 1929 conservatory (HEAVY) he got from a client years ago. Yours looks to be about 30 feet by maybe 14 feet? That’s what we’re thinking for ours. Yours is beautiful. We might have to come see it!

Anne Cox says: March 17, 2014 at 7:07 am

Close. It’s 12′ x 28′ and is of cedar and the panels are 16 mil polycarbonate; doors are scrounged. It is awesome. Come see it. Some details yet to be worked out like the windows and venting above the doors. I’m using every inch I can (it’s already too small), but I enjoy it every minute I am out there: a beautiful space and a WARM, even HOT space.


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