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Maine Fiberarts show

Posted on by Anne Cox

fiberarts show br. sp.Two of my rugs are part of a group show at the Maine Fiberarts gallery this March and April. Three others have work in the show: Roslyn Logsdon, Mary Ann Schwarcz and Liz Stoyko. It is interesting to see the variety of styles, techniques and subject-matter in the hooking world. I like seeing what captures each artists, what he or she pursues and explores.

This is my Fallstaff Red Brussels Sprouts rug, that I just finished a couple of weeks ago.

fiberarts show heating In January of this year I finished this rug, which I call Heating with Wood. The central image is based on our wood pile, a wood pile which is significantly diminished just now as we have been heating at maximum burn for most of the winter. The rug has a bow toward this with the flames eating up the wood pile. On the four corners are trees, and the outer border is the sun, which of course is why we have the trees and wood to heat with at all. Or life at all, for that matter.

fiber arts show crows and chix Two of Mary Ann Schwarcz’ rugs. I like the energy of the chickens, breaking the boundaries. But then, I like that sort of thing.

It will be interesting to meet the other artists, which I am assuming will happen at the artists’ reception in April.

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