8 Ridge Road,
Martinsville, Maine


Food, Plants, Gallery and Landscape Design in St. George, Maine

Landscape Design

We at Hedgerow have been designing and installing landscapes and gardens in the midcoast of Maine since we opened in 2003. Some of our favorite work is to take a rough construction site and settle it back into the landscape. And we are happiest when our landscapes and gardens “look like they’ve always been there.”

In designing landscapes, we feel that our job is to facilitate a conversation between the owner’s desires and the natural requirements of the land. We enjoy using the many native plants that thrive in our coastal location, but we are not adverse to experimenting with other suitable plantings. We also enjoy working with the rock that is endemic to our place as we strive to create settings that make sense in our location.

Recent projects

Martinsville, Maine, 2013

landscape tinsleylandscape tinsley lamp post

Port Clyde, Maine, 2013

landscape cadylandscape cady 2

Spruce Head, Maine, 2013 terrace beds; 2011 wetland restoration

landscape wetlands restorationlandscape quarry

Tenants Harbor, Maine, 2012

landscape riedl constructionlandscape riedl

Martinsville, Maine, 2012

landscape briggs

landscape briggs 2

Tenants Harbor, Maine, 2011

landscape bateslandscape bates 2

Rackliff Island, Maine, 2011

landscape staller 1landscape staller 2

Rockport, Maine, 2010