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It’s witch hazel time!

Posted on by Anne Cox

witch hazel detailwtich hazel in windowThe witch hazel in the woods has not started blooming yet, but branches are ripe for forcing just now. Delightful on the kitchen window.

2 Responses to It’s witch hazel time!

Elise says: September 23, 2017 at 1:43 pm

Witch hazel does not like being pruned, so be careful when selecting branches to force inside. Select only very small branchlets (twigs) at the ends of branches, as that cut is likely to heal over faster than a cut off the side of a larger branch. If you cut a branchlet off the side of a larger branch on a mature witch hazel, that wound, even if small, will heal over very slowly. During that period, pathogens can enter the wound, and eventually can attack the inner part of the branch. Rot ensues, and the entire branch can die back.


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