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It’s just picturesque everywhere this morning

Posted on by Anne Cox

arch in snowAfter the January thaw the weather turned cold enough (barely) for the next wave of precipitation to be snow rather than rain. A heavy wet, relentless snow. So everything that had been muddy and grey is covered, and the snow is clinging to all surfaces. It’s just wickedly pretty out there. Wet and heavy snow, for sure, and I am debating if it is worth shoveling some areas are if I will just tread it down. Always a toss up with less than six inches of snow. The dogs love scampering through the fresh snow, especially Ella, the elder, who romps like a puppy (and then sleeps for several hours after the snow balls melt off her poodle curls).

The world is muted and soft, black and white and grey. And quiet.

pond in snowshed in snowbehind wall in snow deck beds in snow

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