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Hunting for signs of life

Posted on by Anne Cox

In May we tilled and seeded this field, hoping to get four different grasses going along with about fifteen different wildflowers. At the end of August we cut it back to about 4 inches to keep the things we don’t want to take over from going to seed. (Yes, lots that we’re not interested in having in the field is there.) Maggie helped me survey the mowing job.

Today we prowled around looking for the wildflowers we sowed.

We found New England Aster (The wind was blowing as it often does at this site.)

Wild Bergamont (a type of monarda)

Purple coneflower (echinacea)

White yarrow (There’s a rosy red yarrow out there too, but it’s not blooming so I don’t know if the yarrow leaves I see are the white or the rosy red.)

Shasta daisy


Lupine (What meadow in Maine is complete without lupine?)

I saw different grasses starting, some of which are most likely from what was already on the field and tilled in but others are among those we sowed. I know I’ve seen some of the white prairie clover and the chickory we broadcast, but I’m not sure enough of immature showy milkweed, blue vervain, butterfly milkweed, blue vervain, and smooth penstemon to know if I’ve seen any. I know I haven’t found any fillipendula yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Next year should be interesting. Fingers crossed that what we planted survives and outcompetes the vetch, sorrel, carolina roses and strawberries that have returned with great vigor.


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