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How we spent Memorial Day

Posted on by Anne Cox

top of chute Memorial Day dawned sunny and bright, the first non-rainy day in a what seemed like forever. So we went to finish a job that we’d delayed on account of the monsoon. One of the tricks of the day was engineering a way to move about eight yards of mulch to the lower levels of a terrace garden. We could have carried buckets upon buckets down steps….. or we could rig up a chute. We opted for the chute and it worked beautifully. Mikey’s task was to dump the mulch over, mine, to shuffle it on its way, and Ingrid’s to spread it among the shrubs below.

chute 2 Note the second wheel barrow underneath: a vital piece of equipment. Even with the chute it was a long day. pieThankfully broken by pie and coffee at lunch!

mulchedThis has been a job of removing perennials from the beds below in the first phase, then planting with shrubs, each bed with a different variety, and then finally, mulching everything. The end result is pretty sharp right now. I look forward to seeing how everything grows in.

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