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Hoop houses

Posted on by Julie Wortman

In bits and pieces over the past week I worked on framing the ends for the new hoop houses. Following the weather forecast, I saw that Sunday was going to be a calm day. So I asked my father to come from Belfast to help me stretch the plastic over the hoops. We did it, no problem. Great to have a calm day (the first one I did in April on a slightly breezy day and that was a challenge!)

Thanks Dad.

The next task will be to figure out the doors and to close in the ends. I’m thinking the doors will be simple, removable panels rather than hinged deals that will blow in the wind when they are open for ventilation.

I wish I had enough of these pavers to do all of the aisles between the raised beds. A neat look. I’m hoping they will be a bit of a thermal heat sink for the hoop houses. We’ll see.


Both are 12 feet wide; one is 30 feet long, and the other, 28 feet. I am hoping that these structures will enable us to extend our growing and harvest season both in the fall and in the spring. Time will tell. Right now I have lettuce, chard, scallions, radicchio, arugula and carrots planted in the hoop house beds. Won’t freshly harvested vegetables for Christmas be a treat!

I expect to have pots and flats of new seedlings in the centers of the hoop houses in the spring, and I’ll be putting a 55 gallon barrel of water in each one to provide water once things begin to thaw in late winter and need water before the nursery pump is operational for the season.

Oh, and I’m thinking I’ll be putting some bracing down the centers to deal with snow load. With any luck snow will sheet off the sides, but those heavy, wet, icy snows could be a problem. All a grand experiment.

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