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Hints of spring

Posted on by Anne Cox

crocusThe first crocus are starting to peer through the winter debris. This is why I plant crocus. I wish I could remember in the Fall to plant some snowdrops as well, because those might even show up earlier. What a welcome sign, even though the ground was crusty with a thin layer of ice this morning, the soil is warming up. Each sunny day.

I’ve exhausted the water in the barrels in the greenhouse and have had to carry water from the house to use on the seedlings. When I planted the first lettuce in the beds in the upper hoop house, I scooped water from the thawing pond next to it. Cold water for those little transplants, but it was the best I could do. Today mid-day I plan to turn on the water in the nursery area long enough to fill up the barrels again. I’ll turn it off and drain the tank as we will still have sub-freezing nights, but I do expect the water to flow today. Fingers crossed.

I’ve taken the first of the hardy seedlings to the hoop houses to continue growing there, covering them with row cover material for the cold nights. I also have the lettuce covered, just to warm up the soil a bit and give them an added layer of protection. It’s a bit cumbersome, but worth it to keep the tender plants from getting too cold. And it is worth it to get more space in the greenhouse, which is way crowded and about to fill up more.

tomato seedlingstulip hoophouse

The earliest tomato seedlings will need to be up-potted soon. And parsley and basil are ready to go to larger pots as well.

In one of the lower hoop houses the tulips are coming along nicely. I don’t think we’ll have tulips by Easter, but maybe by May Day.

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