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Hedgerow the morning after rain

Posted on by Julie Wortman

The morning after a rain storm everything was sparkling bright.

The Japanese blood grass is just starting to show its red color.

The chives need to be cut back before they seed all over the place. But they sure are nifty looking just now.

I want to get another big drift of hay-scented ferns going across from this one. This is just such a lush, bright swath of color. And there is a subtle, sweet hay scent as one brushes by them, especially after a rain.

Last year this enkianthus had nary a bloom; this year it is laden.

And how about that ornamental rhubarb!

The sweet woodruff along the woods path is just starting to bloom.

On the other side of the path foam flower, star flower and moss create an early summer carpet for Stuart, the intrepid to stalk across.

And the cinnamon ferns are at their most impressive just about now.

Sometimes I just have to take time out to wander around and enjoy the treats unfolding everyday. There’s a lot to do; we’re behind in everything; but wow, it’s beautiful out there.

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