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Posted on by Anne Cox

hazel close upJust look at that! My first filberts (hazelnuts). Finally. I have two plants in the wild hedgerow along Rt. 131 and three as part of the  hedgerow I started and then haven’t done much with that is supposed to grow in around the dog yard fence. I was out patrolling these wild areas yesterday — mainly sampling the grapes running rampant through one and checking the pears in another. I periodically check these hazelnut shrubs just to see what’s happening. And there they were, hiding in the leaves. Wicked cool the way these grow in their own little leafy sheathes.

I cracked one open and it was indeed a hazelnut. Delish. Suddenly the hazelnut ricotta torte I’ve periodically made is dancing through my mind.

hazels in basketThere weren’t enough for the torte this year, though I am going out again to search as they really do hide in the leaves. But I am delighted to have a start. These will go to simply fresh snacking snacking out of hand. And I am figuring out just where I can get a whole grove of these beauties going.

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