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Posted on by Anne Cox

grapesThis is the first year that we’ve had any grapes to speak of. I still haven’t managed to trellis the vines on the barn and various out buildings the way I plan to, but I have started pruning them. Next year, the trellising…. Meanwhile, these growing on the corner of the barn were delicious. Most of the vines I’ve planted over the years have been with fresh eating out of hand in mind, rather than wine making. But maybe some grape juice is in our future.

applesThe apple crop has been wonderful this year, both the older Liberty apples (including the pleached trees along the edge of the house raised beds) and the newer Zestar (super tasty) and Sweet Sixteen (quite yummy too) in the nursery area produced lovely fruit. These are all lovely eating apples, but I’ll probably dry some for winter treats.



gourds and melons This year I grew apple gourds (on the left) and muskmelons for the first time. I was quite impressed with how many melons I got, and was underwhelmed by the number of gourds that actually grew given the number of little fruits that started to take shape. By the same token, I loved the pure white gourd flowers every morning and the vigor of the vines. The melons are all gone now — enjoyed by patrons of our market, and the gourds are starting to dry.

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