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Hannah’s first visit to Maine

Posted on by Julie Wortman

My niece, Hannah Stagner, and her mother (my sister, Kay Stagner) came to Maine for a week. Hannah spent most of the week at Blueberry Cove Camp, right in Tenants Harbor, on the harbor. On the first day she was interested in having us leave so she could get down to the business of being a camper.


When she wasn’t at camp she spent a lot of time zipping up and down the big spruce by the gallery.


She got higher in the tree each time she went up it. By the way, that is a “Hedgerow” t-shirt she is wearing.

We had a great visit (I think) and an easy time, complete with a trip to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay (the adults) and a trip on the Laura B. to see the puffins at Eastern Egg Rock. Kay and Hannah got to enjoy a respite from the stifling heat in North Carolina.


The visit was easy. Their trip home was not as their flight out of LaGuardia was cancelled and they wound up spending the night in New York

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