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Greenhouse update

Posted on by Anne Cox

microspeasWe have been harvesting and eating micro greens and pea shoots. Oh, fresh greens in February. What a delight. They got a bit leggy on the heat tapes. But that did not affect the taste one iota. Now that I have the onions, shallots, leeks, artichokes and gentian salvia starting on the heat tapes, many of the next set of micro greens are having to rough it on the tables in the center of the greenhouse. Even so, the temperature in there this morning, with the propane heater set on the lowest setting during the night, was 60° while it was 3° outside this morning. So they are germinating and getting ready to grow.

organized seeds I’ve begun the seed-starting season. I have a farm plan with target dates for starting each type of seed. And I have my seeds organized, ready to go. I find it is important to get as organized as I can in the winter so that when the busy season hits and I get going I’ll have some notion of what I intend to do and when. And then what will happen will happen. But I do usually start off with very good intentions.

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