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Good-bye to Thunder Mountain

Posted on by Julie Wortman

Anybody looking for a wonderful passive solar house in piedmont North Carolina?


My parents are leaving North Carolina to move to the coast of Maine. Yay! So I visited last week to select some things that they might otherwise not bring with them, and then to say good-bye to this place on Thunder Mountain, outside of Hillsborough. They built this house and have tended the surrounding fields, woods and pond for the past couple of decades. Though it is not where I grew up (We lived in town during my time in North Carolina.), I’ve come to love this piece of land.

The fields;


the Chinese chestnut;


and the rosemary that is threatening to eat the yard. One thing my parents will find is that, unlike this behemouth, rosemary does not overwinter in Maine unless one pots it up and brings it in. Quite a difference.


That’s my father, who’s around six feet tall, standing next to the rosemary. Astounding to this transplanted Mainer.

It’s a great house and property and I’ll miss it. Of course, they’re coming to a great place here as well.

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