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Getting ready in the greenhouse

Posted on by Anne Cox

caulkedOne upside of the warm weather we have been having is that at last I was able to fill and caulk the gaps between the wall panels and the roof panels in the greenhouse. First I needed the snow to melt so I could unearth the ladder. And second I needed some temperatures above 40 degrees for the caulking to flow. This past Sunday was the day. Beautifully warm for this work. I’d thought I would leave the gap, just to keep some room for air circulation. Ha. Not if I wanted to grow tender seedlings on the other side as on a windy day last week the cold air came shooting directly down to where my benches would be. Now we’re sealed up. Indeed, it is so tight and warm in there on a sunny day that I worked most of the day yesterday with the door open and was still warm. I love it!

roll of trap wire The next step in getting the greenhouse ready is building the benches for the plants. Since I had decided that lobster trap wire was the material I needed for the tops of the benches, I had to venture into a realm I had previously only glimpsed. I see traps all the time, and I see folks working on them, but I had no clue as to how the wire comes and how to work with it. I figured Brooks Trap Mill would be the place to find out, and it couldn’t have been easier. In short order I had a 100 foot roll of 12 gauge trap wire two feet wide. And Channel Lock cutters.

benches in process And the benches are in process. The ones running down the sides are two feet wide and the center ones are three feet by four feet. With any luck by the end of today I’ll have all the benches made. The next major piece to make will be a new planter for the fig in the corner (as it is breaking out of its old plastic pot).

The first of my seed orders arrived yesterday. I’ll be ready to get them going when the appropriate times for each variety come.

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