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Posted on by Julie Wortman

Mid-July begins the season of great fecundity here. It’s the time when the stewartia is it’s showy self.

And the harvest is roaring in. We took 21 more pounds of fava beans to Melody at In Good Company. They’re labor-intensive treats, but oh so tasty.

We’ve skived a few meals of new potatoes. (And I’ve been working to stay ahead of the potato beetles.) Oh those new little potatoes taste like nothing else.

And the first of the tomatoes are showing up, with promises of great taste treats ahead.

I’m pulling the last of the peas this week, but the beans are coming on. Baby beets and carrots are sweet. And I harvested the soft-neck garlic Sunday morning. Onions are heading up as are the fennel bulbs. Baby cucumbers are forming. And the garden smells like sweet peas. Ah.

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