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Fast work

Posted on by Anne Cox

gallery beforeAdam and Hannah had two hours, three additional hosta, some mulch, and one stone birdbath to use to clean up these beds in front of the new gallery in Port Clyde next to the Ice Cream Store. The new tenants wanted a nice entry to their venture. Every winter the snow plow re-arranges the rocks lining these little beds, and the new gallery tenants wanted something a little more organized, without spending a lot of time doing it. I showed the project to Adam and Hannah, said good luck and then went off to a round of meetings I had on Tuesday. I knew the two of them could do something good to begin to rescue the spot; after all, they are experienced, strong, hard-working, creative. We have made any number of rescues over the years, so this was just one more challenge.

gallery afterWhen Adam sent me the picture of the finished product, I was mightily impressed. A great job. Of course, there was more they wanted to do, but given the time and material constraints, they did an awesome job. That’s why I like working with these folks.

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