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Falstaff Brussels sprouts rug

Posted on by Anne Cox

falstaff br. sp rugHot off the press. Or rather, off the frame. I just finished this rug based on the Falstaff Brussels sprouts I’ve grown for several years. They aren’t the best producers, and the sprouts tend to be small, but really delicious and nutty. And the leaves are beautiful to boot — worth growing just for the eye candy.

The next step with the rug is whipping the edges with binding tape and tacking the tape to the back. Then steaming to get it to lay flat. Since the whipping is not my favorite thing to do (very tedious) I know that I must do it as soon as I finish a rug; otherwise, I have an overwhelming amount waiting to be finished at the end of winter. So onward.

falstaff detail A detail of the rug. For anyone who has grown vegetables in the brassica family, there are some familiar scourges on the borders: the ubiquitous white cabbage looper moths that blow in and their little green caterpillars. At least the caterpillars are more visible on these red sprouts than on the green ones where they are perfectly camouflaged. The red circles with purple stubs are based on the sprouts themselves after I’ve cut them and cut off the leaves close to the stalk. And then the stripes of the border are just that: stripes.

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